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The CreatEDGE Archive

We will keep all the media we feel exudes creativity and inspires imagination, but we want to know what you think?
Please post your comments on your favourites!

CreatEDGE #196(18/11/11)

Very creative talent, Teen makes instrument out of PVC Piping! Can you recognise all the songs?

CreatEDGE #195(17/11/11)

Here are a few photo’s Joe took on his trek up Mt. Snowdon in Wales!

CreatEDGE #194(16/11/11)

CreatEDGE #193(15/11/11)

CreatEDGE #192(14/11/11)

CreatEDGE #191(13/11/11)

Another quality video from the Slo-Mo Guys. Check it out!

CreatEDGE #190(12/11/11)

Very cool! Water droplet collisions at 5000 Frames per second!

CreatEDGE #189(11/11/11)

Never let go of childhood wonder!

CreatEDGE #188(10/11/11)

Here are some absolutely stunning photographs taken by our friends at Flickr. Feel free to browse more of their work using the link.

Credit: Katrins

CreatEDGE #187(9/11/11)

Credit: Katrins

CreatEDGE #186(8/11/11)

Credit: Katrins

CreatEDGE #185(7/11/11)

Credit: Katrins

CreatEDGE #184(6/11/11)

Credit: blmiers2

CreatEDGE #183(5/11/11)

Credit: blmiers2

CreatEDGE #182(4/11/11)

Credit: blmiers2

CreatEDGE #180(3/11/11)

Credit: TheZManAbides

CreatEDGE #179(2/11/11)

Credit: TheZManAbides

CreatEDGE #178(1/11/11)

Credit: TheZManAbides

CreatEDGE #177(31/10/11)

Credit: TheZManAbides

CreatEDGE #176(30/10/11)

Credit: TheZManAbides

CreatEDGE #175 (29/10/11)

Creativity comes in all forms. Here it is expressed through a Halloweeny fruit. Who’s this pumpkin face?

CreatEDGE #174(28/10/11)

Whatever floats your boat!

CreatEDGE #173(27/10/11)

A stunningly beautiful picturesque view of the valley from this house.

CreatEDGE #172(26/10/11)

Unique and interesting.

CreatEDGE #171(25/10/11)

Can you imagine trying to clean those windows? Nightmare!

CreatEDGE #170(24/10/11)

Amazing architectural design to this building, beautiful.

CreatEDGE #169(23/10/11)

The walls of this building are actually flush with the brick, meaning there is no sculpting. – it’s all an illusion!

CreatEDGE #168(22/10/11)

Try looking at this upside-down!

CreatEDGE #167(21/10/11)

Can you trust your eyes as well as you think?

CreatEDGE #166(20/10/11)

Does this make sense to you?

CreatEDGE #165(19/10/11)

You won’t believe your eyes!

CreatEDGE #164 (18/10/11)

Here are some examples of foreign branding in the world. Interesting stuff.

CreatEDGE #163 (17/10/11)

CreatEDGE #162 (16/10/11)

CreatEDGE #161 (15/10/11)

CreatEDGE #160 (14/10/11)

Credit: Daniel Stark

CreatEDGE #159 (13/10/11)

Credit: godlev

CreatEDGE #158 (12/10/11)

Credit: Vladimir German

CreatEDGE #157 (11/10/11)

Credit: Kaylin Idora

CreatEDGE #156 (10/10/11)

Credit: andreapun

CreatEDGE #155 (09/10/11)

Credit: Zasu 

CreatEDGE #154 (08/10/11)

Credit: J Rutledge 

CreatEDGE #153 (07/10/11)

Credit: Eugene Stepanov

CreatEDGE #152 (06/10/11)

Credit: jamesjustin

CreatEDGE #151 (5/10/11)

Credit: OiMax

CreatEDGE #150 (4/10/11)

Credit: Artem Savateev

CreatEDGE #149 (3/10/11)

Credit: Kaylin Idora

CreatEDGE #148 (2/10/11)

Credit: Tejal Patni

CreatEDGE #147 (1/10/11)

Credit: Navid Baraty

CreatEDGE #146 (31/09/11)

Interesting design to this company’s sitemap.

CreatEDGE #145 (30/09/11)

This is a really well built website with loads of flash/interactive elements implemented. Impressive!

CreatEDGE #145 (30/09/11)

Remarkable portfolio from Hiroshi Seo, a Japanese student studying photography.

CreatEDGE #144 (29/09/11)

Very unique design for this professionalism hair salons website.

CreatEDGE #143 (28/09/11)

Another extremely innovative website by Volkswagen.

CreatEDGE #142 (27/09/11)

The 30 most exquisite burgers from around the world, including instructions on how to make them. If this doesn’t make you hungry, nothing will!

CreatEDGE #141 (26/09/11)

An amazing website allowing you to view the whole of New York from aerial view. Mind blowing!

CreatEDGE #140 (25/09/11)

Volkswagen’s new Polo ‘online -designer’. Allowing you to configure your car the way you want it. Great stuff.

CreatEDGE #139 (24/09/11)

Very interesting website from Toyota promoting it’s 3rd gen ‘Prius’. Loads of stuff to mess around with, give it a try!

CreatEDGE #138 (23/09/11)

A cool, unique portfolio designed to engage the user. Check it out.

CreatEDGE #137 (22/09/11)

Google maps shows why it’s important to ‘see’ where your going before you set off.

CreatEDGE #136 (21/09/11)

You’ve heard of ‘cute’ advertising, but this takes it to a whole new level.

CreatEDGE #135 (20/09/11)

Precision lenses from Bausch + Lons

CreatEDGE #134 (19/09/11)

GoodYear: You can trust these tyres!

CreatEDGE #133 (18/09/11)

MADD (Mothers Against Drink Driving) advertisement

CreatEDGE #132 (17/09/11)

Lynx excite: Promising falling winged women

CreatEDGE #131 (16/09/11)

How you should always enter a party!

CreatEDGE #130 (15/09/11)

Mazda giving you the gift to enjoy a straight road

CreatEDGE #129 (14/09/11)

This sat navs got it’s work cut out.

CreatEDGE #128 (13/09/11)

Saab advising customers to show it some respect 😛

CreatEDGE #127 (12/09/11)

Human contortionist controls his body to illustrate X-box’s controllers.

CreatEDGE #126 (11/09/11)

Print advertisement for voice artist… pretty creative vocal waves

CreatEDGE #125 (10/09/11)

Let the force be with you.

CreatEDGE #124 (09/09/11)

We’re masters of print and it takes one to know one… communicate visually.

CreatEDGE #123 (08/09/11)

Slightly different… it’s a link to a gallery of stunning pictures from around Britain

The CreatEDGE Archive

We will keep all the media we feel exudes creativity and inspires imagination, but we want to know what you think?
Please post your comments on your favourites!

CreatEDGE #122 (07/09/11)

Now this is controversy incarnate!

CreatEDGE #121 (06/09/11)

Building strength for kids!

CreatEDGE #120 (05/09/11)

Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn’t need to, it dug.
… couldn’t resist! 🙂

CreatEDGE #119 (04/09/11)

A Titanic fail!

CreatEDGE #118 (03/09/11)

Encouraging children to get active… bit cruel, but definitely funny!

CreatEDGE #117 (02/09/11)

An amazing cleanse!

CreatEDGE #116 (01/09/11)

Emphatically displaying the importance of LAZER helmets… ouch!

CreatEDGE #115 (31/08/11)

A tennis court in the sky! No heroic dives on this court please.

CreatEDGE #114 (30/08/11)

Comforta showing you what your nights sleep will feel like…

CreatEDGE #113 (29/08/11)

Can you see what’s spoiling this stunning winter wonderland?

CreatEDGE #112 (28/08/11)

What do 250,000 bouncy balls and a typical steep street in San Francisco make?

A flippin’ cool advert!

CreatEDGE #111 (27/08/11)

Look in the eye, not around the eye, look in the eye 😛 –

CreatEDGE #110 (26/08/11)

Toyota showing it’s tougher than you may think 😉

CreatEDGE #109 (26/08/11)

Now this would be one impressive kitchen, and chef come to think of it!

CreatEDGE #108 (25/08/11)

Who’d have though it? Butter… as a glue stick!?

CreatEDGE #107 (24/08/11)

A dessert blended from 28 cocoas from around the world, edible 23-karat gold infusions, served in an edible goblet lined with gold, La Madeline au Truffle ($2,600 a pound), an 18k gold braceley with a carat’s worth of diamonds, with whipped cream. Plus, you get to keep the white gold spoon.

Gordon Ramsay, eat your heart out!

CreatEDGE #106 (23/08/11)

The ‘History Supreme’ is a gold plated yacht that was sold for… wait for it… $3billion!
The main sleeping quarters sport platinum accents with walls set in meteoric stone containing genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bone.
Who ever thought of this concept was called more things than creative, I’m sure. :S

CreatEDGE #105 (22/08/11)

Just a normal day a the office really.

CreatEDGE #104 (21/08/11)

Getting creative at Global Gathering 2011, raising money for Joseph Foote Trust and their battle against brain tumours.

CreatEDGE #103 (20/08/11)

Tailgating certainly isn’t worth it!

CreatEDGE #102 (19/08/11)

Another great piece of Japanese ingenuity!

CreatEDGE #101 (18/08/11)

A Yogaone business card. Showing you how easy it is to bend over on your face… of course it is!

CreatEDGE #100 (17/08/11)

3M promoting their security glass. A security guard, stood close by, enticed people to attempt to break the glass for $500 that rested on top of all this ‘real’ money. “Fancy a kick?”

CreatEDGE #99 (16/08/11)

Obviously, this guy has no regard for a water ban. Participating in 3D art; gotta’ be fun!

CreatEDGE #98 (15/08/11)

Apocalyptic scene – all done by a 3D street artist – Imagine opening your front door to that!

CreatEDGE #97 (14/08/11)

3D street art – Watch that hole in the floor!

CreatEDGE #96 (13/08/11)

A typically poignant piece of work by Banksy – He’s made a film too

CreatEDGE #95 (12/08/11)

Brands are just dropping outta’ the sky nowadays!

CreatEDGE #94 (11/08/11)

Serious Suction!

CreatEDGE#93 (10/08/11)

McDonalds steam it up

CreatEDGE#92 (09/08/11)

Scratchin’  hell! … Very effective marketing

CreatEDGE#91 (08/08/11)

Throw another shrimp on the barby

CreatEDGE#90 (07/08/11)

Has to be the most comfortable bus stop in the world!

CreatEDGE#89 (06/08/11)

Kung Fu That!

CreatEDGE#88 (05/08/11)

A diagonal ascent… of a brand, into the minds of its audience.

CreatEDGE#87 (04/08/11)

Deforestation – the lung cancer of Earth

CreatEDGE#86 (03/08/11)

Colgate toothpaste giving a creative reminder about oral hygiene… Gracias Colgate 😉

CreatEDGE#85 (02/08/11)

Attack of the clones – Kris showing off his skills 😛

CreatEDGE#84 (01/08/11)

Big hello from Kris Askeyflickr

CreatEDGE#83 (31/07/11)

We’re out of loo roll! – Dulcolax

CreatEDGE#82 (30/07/11)

Kris Askey capturing a bit of nature – flickr

CreatEDGE #81 (29/07/11)

Kris Askey’s photography skills makes the hills come alive… 😉 – flickr

CreatEDGE #80 (28/07/11)

A creative take on London’s Underground by our very own Kris Askey – Check his flickr

CreatEDGE #79 (27/07/11)

Mini proving size doesn’t matter?

CreatEDGE #78 (26/07/11)

And you thought you’d never lift 200kg with one hand

CreatEDGE #77 (25/07/11)

Taking window displays to a new level!

CreatEDGE #76 (24/07/11)

Duracell creatively showing they’ve got the power!

CreatEDGE#75 (23/07/11)

Its amazing what you can do with a post-it

CreatEDGE#74 (22/07/11)

Referring back to the photographer Platon which we blogged about a couple of weeks ago, we now have an image of all of the portraits and a video of him talking about his work to share with you!

Watch the video here

CreatEDGE #73 (21/07/11)

#1Uh Oh… #2Don’t tell me we’re about to go over a huge waterfall?… #1Yup… #2Sharp rocks at the bottom? #1Most likely… #2Bring it on!

CreatEDGE #72 (20/07/11)

CreatEDGE #71 (19/07/11)

T mobile slightly outdone by Mexico

CreatEDGE #70 (18/07/11)

Brilliant creativity from T-Mobile… the choreographer had quite a job.

CreatEDGE #69 (17/07/11)

Now come on, that’s just lazy! (brought to you by Inventions)

CreatEDGE #68 (16/07/11)

Have you got a WKD side? 😉

CreatEDGE #67 (15/07/11)

You know when you just think… damn, I wish I had a small umbrella for my cigarette! (brought to you by Inventions)

CreatEDGE #66 (14/07/11)

Gordon getting nasty

CreatEDGE #65 (13/07/11)

Spike Jonze, Director of ‘Being John Malkovich’ & ‘Jackass: The Movie 2002’, has collaborated with The Beastie Boys in two creatively executed music videos… bring Beastie’s back

CreatEDGE #64 (12/07/11)

Age UK putting famous faces to ordinary people

CreatEDGE #63 (11/07/11)

Age UK showing that you certainly don’t lose your sense of humour as you get older!

CreatEDGE #62 (10/07/11)

If you…

CreatEDGE #61 (09/07/11)

A Converse American Flag… that’s a lot of stacking!

captured by Siobhan – see her blog

CreatEDGE #60 (08/07/11)

New York Project

Our Graphic Design placement student, Siobhan, experiments with ideas for her New York project.

Following a tutorial, take a look at how she did it on her blog.

CreatEDGE #59 (07/07/11)

Fabulous landscape view of Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House by Louise Panayides

CreatEDGE #58 (06/07/11)

Very expressive piece of art from The Mostly Jazz Festival – by Siobhan Golby Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #57 (05/07/11)

A hillside view from Casares, Malaga – tranquillity personified! by Louise Panayides 

CreatEDGE #56 (04/07/11)

A stunning day on the Aspen mountains – pit stop at the top of the slope by Louise Panayides 

CreatEDGE #55 (03/07/11)

Siobhan’s own experimental drawing – inspired by the KUJI store

CreatEDGE #54 (02/07/11)

Louise’s stunning capture of Lake Como, Italy

CreatEDGE #53 (01/07/11)

Craig Charles letting his creativity loose at The Mostly Jazz Festival – by Siobhan Golby Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #52 (30/06/11)

Fatboy Slim is a pioneer of the electrical dance genre and this is a stand out music video – tons of creative input.

CreatEDGE #51 (29/06/11)

Interesting info at the New Blood D&AD exhibition by Siobhan Golby – Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #50 (28/06/11)

Coors Light Advert – Van Damme in the wilderness!

CreatEDGE #49 (27/06/11)

M & M Chess Board – pretty cool! (taken by Siobhan Golby – Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #48 (26/06/11)

Hello Ladies! – Old Spice Advert, will you change your shower gel?

CreatEDGE #47 (25/06/11)

Rollercoaster creation at the New Blood D&AD exhibition by Siobhan Golby – Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #46 (24/06/11)

Creative use of paper and colour by Siobhan Golby – Graphic Design placement student @ EDGE

CreatEDGE #45 (23/06/11)

Supakitch and Koralie – watch their creativity develop at The Museum of World Culture

CreatEDGE #44 (22/06/11)

Stunning sunset – by Louise Panayides

CreatEDGE #43 (21/06/11)

Great creative use of video to respond to a video game glitch posted by a game user – EA Sports Tiger Woods

CreatEDGE #42 (20/06/11)

Spend a lot of time on the move? It’d be great to advertise your message with this time wouldn’t it? We think so too. Car wraps – a creative advertising technique.

CreatEDGE #41 (19/06/11)

Creativity fused with prestige for a stately home hotel website – Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort – by EDGE Creative

CreatEDGE #40 (18/06/11)

Creative advertisement by Sky Sports – Golf & Cricket

CreatEDGE #39 (17/06/11)

Incredibly creative and artistically pieced together- Life In A Day – Ridley Scott

CreatEDGE #38 (16/06/11)

A brand designed by EDGE Creative – Childrens Centre – Tividale

CreatEDGE #37 (15/06/11)

Multiple jellyfish create stunning colours – by Louise Panayides 

CreatEDGE #36 (14/06/11)

Wonder how the cameraman got there?

CreatEDGE #35 (13/06/11)

A picturesque evening – by Louise Panayides 

CreatEDGE #34 (12/06/11)

A brand designed by EDGE Creative – Financial Consultanting Company – Intervallum

CreatEDGE #33 (11/06/11)

Creative use of effects and questions to engage with an audience in a ‘vlog’ – video blog  –  Lukebobtv 

CreatEDGE #32 (10/06/11)

Even Apple couldn’t create an app that can bring a menu to life… or could it?

CreatEDGE #31 (09/06/11)

One of Earth’s most destructive forces caught on camera

CreatEDGE #30 (08/06/11)

Very cool video of sky lapse… check it out!

CreatEDGE #29 (07/06/11)

This music video uses very creative themes to tell a story. Very cool!

CreatEDGE #28 (06/06/11)
A metaphor springs to mind here…  
CreatEDGE #27 (05/06/11)
We’re not pyromaniacs, honest, but this is a cool capture!
CreatEDGE #26 (04/06/11)
Lynx have always been ‘imaginative’ when it comes to targeting their audience!
CreatEDGE #25 (03/06/11)
One of Plant Earth’s greatest creations – The Grand Canyon ((taken by Louise Panayides – Director @ EDGE)
CreatEDGE #24 (02/06/11)
Great moment to capture an explosive night in Sydney (taken by Louise Panayides – Director @ EDGE)
CreatEDGE #23 (01/06/11)
Another cool use of imagery to advertise products whilst on the move.
CreatEDGE #22 (31/05/11)
Lucozade advert with Tinie Tempah, Travis Barker and Kate Taylor to launch the YES campaign. 
CreatEDGE #21 (30/05/11)
Lionel Messi, Possibly the greatest footballer in the world. Adidas cleverly depict, what seems to be a weakness of Messi’s(height), into their brand slogan. 
CreatEDGE #20 (29/05/11)
Audi  advert highlighting the pressures and strains of 24 hour Le Mans car racing, as described by Allan McNish – a two-time Le Mans winner; once in an Audi R10
CreatEDGE #19 (28/05/11) 
Cool depiction of the MacBook; providing condensed knowledge
CreatEDGE #18 (27/05/11)
Effective use of imagery and props to demonstrate the dangers of not wearing a seat belt in the back seats.
CreatEDGE #17 (26/05/11)
Creative use of imagery to depict the contents of a truck… cool!
CreatEDGE #16 (25/05/11)
At first glance you may not see, but look closely and what brand name comes to mind?
CreatEDGE #15 (24/05/11)
The Sydney Opera House – One of humans greatest creative constructions! (Photo taken by Louise Panayides – Director EDGE Creative)
CreatEDGE #14 (23/05/11) 
Imaginative advert promoting Jammy Dodgers – Mmm Jammy Jammy
CreatEDGE #13 (22/05/11)
Adidas print ad for the China Olympics – Creative use of imagery connoting the nation’s support
CreatEDGE #12 (21/05/11)
Nestle KitKat – You’ve probably sat on things before, our phones, our glasses but ever a KitKat? 
 CreatEDGE #11 (20/05/11)
L.A. Noire – Innovative use of technology for brilliant creativity! 
L.A. Noire’s developers have introduced the innovative technology to capture over 200,000 facial expressions from 360 degree angles. These expressions have been incorporated into the characters of the game giving the player the ability to solve mysteries by analysing facial expressions and deciding to believe, doubt or disbelieve the characters they interrogate.
CreatEDGE #10 (19/05/11)
Now then! What a view that is (taken by Sophie Overend – Branch Manager @ EDGE)
 CreatEDGE #9 (18/05/11)
Stunning photo of the deep blue, with fishes! (taken by Sophie Overend – Branch Manager @ EDGE)
CreatEDGE #8 (17/05/11)
Very own in-house photographer (Sophie Overend) – creative use of ‘light trail’ technique
 CreatEDGE #7 (16/05/11)
Adidas – Olympics 2012 – Team GB – Inspired to Perform 
CreatEDGE #6 (15/05/11)
Cravendale – Cat’s with thumbs… Scary thought!
CreatEDGE #5 (14/05/11)
Japanese Game Show Contestants – serious application of ‘CREATEDGE’
CreatEDGE #4 (13/05/11)
Whitsunday Island God – Our very own Sophie Overend and friends getting creative!
CreatEDGE #3 (12/05/11)
Creative use of negative space – Can you see the arrow?
CreatEDGE #2 (11/05/11)
Honda – The Cog
CreatEDGE #1 (10/05/11)
Cadbury’s Clothes
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